In Latin America, Love for Entertainment Sites

YouTube sees more unique visitors in Latin America than any other entertainment site by far, with 132.7 million in April 2016 alone. But several regional entertainment sites do outpace worldwide brands like Netflix and Spotify.

Top 10 Entertainment Sites in Latin America, Ranked by Unique Visitors, April 2016 (millions)

YouTube’s audience is an order of magnitude larger than that of any competing site, according to comScore data on unique visits from home and work locations via desktop and laptop PCs. GlobalWebIndex found in Q3 2015 that 93% of internet users in Latin America used YouTube. That was 10 percentage points higher than any other region, and almost 20 points higher than North America.

MSN entertainment sites are No. 2 in terms of uniques, with 19.4 million in April according to comScore, but they’re barely leading Globo Entertainment, a Brazilian television network and website. Globo saw 18.5 million unique visitors in April 2016.

In fourth place and nearly tied with Globo was Universo Online (UOL), which produces web content, products and services.

Netflix, meanwhile, was sixth in unique visitors in the region, with 17.6 million, while Spotify was eighth, at 11.2 million.

Share of Time Spent Online Worldwide, by Site Category and Region, May 2015 (% of total)

A comScore Media Metrix report from September 2015 provides some context as to just how important online entertainment is to users in Latin America. Internet users spent 15% of their time online on entertainment sites, according to the report. That was higher than any other region in the world.

And data from InMobi’s network shows that in Latin America, 33.9% of mobile ad impressions come from entertainment-oriented properties. While this figure is based on data from InMobi’s network, the takeaway is clear: Entertainment sites are important in Latin America, and an excellent way to reach potential consumers.